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Black Sea Weekend - yacht tour along the coast (Bulgaria)


Duration:6 days / 5 nights

During your journey you will see main part of the Bulgarian coast and its most famous landmarks. You will visit the ancient cities and villages, get acquainted with life and traditions of the Bulgarians, will taste the best Bulgarian wines and brandy, as well as take a trip on a yacht in the open Sea. We are confident that you will remember a beautiful nature of coast and tranquility of the mountains, mineral water pools and hospitality of the local people!

We can combine this tour with one or more of our other tours. Our manager and staff are here to help and assist you, and will be happy to do this.

Cena: 580
E-pasts: maria.yakushevskaya@artecotour.com
Tālrunis: +380443604616 +33631812689
Skype: maria.yakushevskaya.epap

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