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460 BIS A Andohaniato
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Manuela (23.04.2015 16:08)
looking for a tour by car and driver for two persons for6 days
Rosanna Hansen (21.08.2013 20:38)
I had a wonderful trip to Madagascar, thanks to Manitra and the terrific group I traveled with. Manitra has a wealth of knowledge about the amazing wildlife and plant life of Madagascar, as well as an in-depth knowledge of Malagasy culture, history, and geography. All things Malagasy, in fact. I recommend him and his company most enthusiastically.
Rachel (21.08.2013 16:43)
I had a really wonderful time in Madagascar, thanks to Manitra. He organized everything, and took into account any needs and requests we had. I would definitely recommend him and his agency to anyone traveling to Madagascar-it's a beautiful country that should be visited more!
Valisoa (19.08.2013 12:12)
The services provided by Madagascar endemics & resorts have the great privilege to satisfy English-speaking tourists, which is not granted in the country.
Tamar Fox (19.08.2013 07:06)
Manitra was an amazing guide. He planned everything we asked perfectly, and our trip was magical and so fun. I highly recommend him as a guide--he is a true expert.
Margaret Allen (14.08.2013 04:30)
The guide was very knowledgeable about flora and fauna and provided a local perspective on the country and its people. You can't get a better connection to all things Malagasy.
Caroline Webb (13.08.2013 23:33)
First rate local guide with an in depth knowledge of the wildlife that can be seen in Madagascar.

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