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Tourism This Travel & Tourism jobs page for vacancies in Laâyoune-Boujdour-Sakia El Hamra is intended solely as a quick vacancy listing page, for a better way to search for jobs please use our Travel & Tourism job search page.
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Food and drink Moroccon cuisine is elaborate and spectacular in presentation. The popular local delicacies are Couscous (semolina, served with eggs, chicken, lamb or vegetables), Djaja Mahamara (chicken stuffed with raisins, almonds, and semolina), Tajine (an aromatic lamb or chicken stew) and Mchoui (pit-roasted mutton). Popular desserts are Kab-el-ghzal (almond pastry) and Pastilla (rich, pigeon-meat pastry). Meals are washed down with fresh Mint Tea.

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