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Powerhouse Gym

3127 Lawrence Road, Wichita Falls
5 novertējumi
+1 940-689-8100

Powerhouse Gym uz kartes


Keri Petersen (07.02.2016 05:26)
I love the atmosphere. Even though I am serverly over weight and put of shape I don't feel put of place. No one points or looks at me weird like. Employees are nice. And manger is a great guy. I enjoy this gym over planet fitness ten fold.
Dean Burdick (25.12.2015 01:49)
Gyms good late time hlurs from 3pm to 8pm gym is packed 10pm not so bad. Equipment is a bit worn out cables and also bars need some upkeep. Classes are fun and challenging so fair enough. Child care us a nice offer since some parents are single. The price use to be very fair now its 40+ a month and getting ur direct draft cancled can be a bit of work since u have to plan ahead of the month u wish to stop ur membership. Still a good gym though alot of juicers inside kidda sucks being around rude roid users.
david weaver (10.06.2015 17:49)
Love the atmosphere and people at this gym. some of the equipment could use some repairs or replacement, or I would give it a 5 star review. Great Gym.
Gt Boosted (30.05.2015 21:53)
The gym is cool but the hours suck and they don't have lockers in the men's room unless you pay extra for one. There is no place to store your belongings
Brian McCullough (02.01.2013 00:58)
Haven't had any problems with this gym. All the staff are helpful and they have child care so I can bring my son when I work out. The atmosphere is good very few machines are ever down for maintenance. I've been here at all different hours and almost ever day of the week and never had any problems.

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