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Planet Fitness - Wichita Falls, TX

3915 Kell East Boulevard, Wichita Falls
5 novertējumi
+1 940-244-4000

Planet Fitness - Wichita Falls, TX uz kartes


B Rainsberg (21.11.2017 21:00)
I enjoy working out there. Staff always greets you.
Tracy Guymon (27.10.2017 05:11)
Clean and convenient with locations wherever go!
Greg Hale (14.10.2017 23:26)
Greeted as I walked in with a real smile and when I departed I was asked if all was in order and was told to have a good day.
Commando Dutch (13.06.2017 03:06)
Peaceful, i can work out like if im in my garage, nice or a mancave!!!!
Amber Daulton (10.11.2016 19:15)
When I am able to go, I love going. The equipment is easy to use and the staff is pretty nice. I wish they had a daycare because I don't usually get to use my membership because I don't have anyone able to watch my 2yr old, so I can workout. The only complaint I have is it always seems like they can't keep a trainer, and most of the trainers don't seem very qualified. They had an amazing trainer recently and I don't think he is there anymore.

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