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Old Town Saloon

4014 Call Field Road, Wichita Falls
5 novertējumi
+1 940-691-4583

Old Town Saloon uz kartes


zac hollar (02.11.2017 12:31)
It's a dive for sure - but if u know how to deal , the staff is cool enough ... I wouldn't get schit faced or let your guard down tho, especially if spending any time outside...
Tyler Platt (02.09.2017 07:30)
Great place to have a great timw
Anthony Taylor (18.08.2017 21:18)
Both a back and front bar with a large enclosed patio for smoking.
Joe Anderson (07.07.2017 16:12)
I was drinking and feeling a good buzz and the bartender try to rip me off by giving me change for a ten instead of a 20. Twice! Twice! She thought i was very drunk. However i was not. I'm not going back because they only care about their regulars and not a casual patron.
Charles Harmon (21.04.2017 04:07)
Nice relaxing place on one end and wild n crazy on the other, with an outdoor area in the middle.

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