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8336 East 21st Street North #800, Wichita
4 novertējumi
+1 316-350-4030

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Kettlebell Kimberly Fox (18.10.2017 03:19)
Awesome staff at this location and their estheticians are amazing.
Jamie Groom (17.07.2016 05:21)
The aesthetician started me almost half an hour late and then cut my service time...she seemed rushed since she started me so late. I also felt like only about half the service was hands on. I won't be back.
Geno Talkington (07.02.2016 23:25)
Paid 6,500 for surgery and the doctor was rude! Very snide remarks about me while i was being operated on...the sedatitive wasnt that strong doctor...i heard every one of your comments...on top of that there is some difference but i dont feel 6,500 worth....try one of the other places i town....all the nurses and staff were very friendly but the doctor who flew in from colorado...who owns the place...is very condescending and makes very snide remarks....is there no ethical aspect of being a doctor? Something about a holictic approach- treating your patients with respect and empathy? I am a business owner as well and i would never talk to my customers or say things about them like that...they are the ones putting money in your pocket.
Kalen Harrell (29.11.2015 18:58)
My wife and I had a massage two separate times and both times were fantastic!! Thank you.

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