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Amazing Salon

1906 West 21st Street North, Wichita
5 novertējumi
+1 316-838-8881

Amazing Salon uz kartes


Ericka Gillon (03.10.2017 14:48)
I like going. I am never disappointed. Clean and friendly environment.
Isela Solis (08.09.2017 02:54)
Big nail salon, fairly busy. It's not a very fancy , relaxing, or spa-like (I personally prefer relaxing) but the staff is nice and the prices are low. It's a good choice if you're just looking for a quick, cheap place to get your nails done.
Candace Noble (30.08.2017 00:44)
Juno was very nice but did not like my hair and went back a few days later for more blonde thinking it would be corrected. Still not platinum it was more of a brassy color and 1/2 gap all over my head. Very noticeable. Now calling back to see if I can get my money back I was told no and that I should have asked for toner. I have been blonde ever since I started coloring my hair and I have never in my life ever asked for toner it's always been a given when going blonde but Okk. Won't be going back. Have another lady who I found who corrected it and without asking again PUT TONER ON.
Rainii Hoffman (09.07.2017 01:24)
They didn't do my shape right, nor were they nice when I asked them to fix my very CROOKED nails. He missed spots while painting, and then tried to charge me 35 dollars when I never asked for chellac. Very rude and did not take any time to make them look okay. I tried to give this salon another chance after already being disappointed the first time, but I will not be going back.
Brittany Morris (18.03.2017 04:06)
Don't ever let the do an ombre on your nails you know where it Fades lighter to darker or the opposite. Just for yourself and your nails because it'll look nothing like what you want. Guy was very very nice just very distracted with everybody else. Nails were not even match up on length. I could go on. I mean you got a 50-50 chance of actually getting your nails done right

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