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Dunkin' Donuts

2499 Palm Ridge Road, Sanibel
5 novertējumi
+1 239-395-7689

Dunkin' Donuts uz kartes


Dustin Lema (28.02.2017 15:51)
New DD self service concept. No food. Only iced coffee, hot coffee, hot chocolate and iced tea. Does not take DD rewards card. Coffee is otherwise DD. I needed to give a low rating to get your attention to give you these important details. Also the DD app doesn't give any indication that I could tell that this DD is not like the rest.
Richard Ryer (15.02.2017 14:55)
No signage what-so-ever. Located inside the Speedway gas station, it has a very limited grab-and-go offering.
Laura Ludowitz (02.11.2016 00:17)
I Went and was so disappointed to find no espresso. What kind of a Dunkin Donuts is this? I was sooo looking forward to a Dunkin being on the Island on vacation. Booooo for you. My hubby went in and it was even self service? They had no idea what a shot of turbo was. No espresso at all! Shame on you for even using the name. I am a loyal DD customer. I go to DD every single day. Shame on you!
Brian Smith (25.09.2016 14:47)
No Dunkin' here
Troy B (25.08.2014 18:58)
This is not a dunkin doughnut its a gas station

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