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Hertz Rent A Car

1217 South Frontage Road, Meridian
5 novertējumi
+1 601-483-9029

Hertz Rent A Car uz kartes


Bridget Carney (11.10.2017 06:39)
Great Customer Service!!!! Staff Very Helpfull!😄
Bridget Cole (23.03.2017 19:53)
They will get you on the road quick
Chester Kordasz (18.01.2017 02:00)
Great service, was picked up and dropped off when getting and leaving the vehicle.
Andrew Villone (23.12.2016 19:25)
Mr. Dumas is a 5 star employee. I left a $500 watch in my vehicle and would have bet my life it was gone. He had it waiting for me. If for no other reason I will continue to do business at this Hertz location. Honesty is a rarity this day in age. But the cars and service are excellent as well.
James Davis (23.08.2016 18:44)
There was only one guy running the place. He was very nice and helpful. I was VERY pleased with his service. HOWEVER, Hertz as a company should be ashamed. This guy told me he had been there for months as the ONLY employee. He said they should be getting him some help but it would be a while. This guy had to shut down the store to go pick people up, while customers who showed up had to wait until he came back. Hertz apparently doesn't take this location seriously, so why even have it? Not to mention they had no cars there available that were big enough for our family of four. ONLY SUVS, which I had to pay extra for.

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