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Mountain Bike Pikes Peak & Rockhound ATV by Rockhound Rentals

8825 U.S. 24, Cascade
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+1 719-684-9907

Mountain Bike Pikes Peak & Rockhound ATV by Rockhound Rentals uz kartes


David Hardcastle (02.10.2017 21:50)
We had a blast on our trip! Called Dave after-hours on a Friday. He couldn't have been more helpful. We booked a trip for Saturday morning. We showed up a couple of flat landers from Michigan. We didn't have the right clothing, but were looking for an adventure. Dave and (Mark our guide) got us all set in appropriate clothing (gloves, coveralls and what not). We hit the trails with Mark, our ride lasted from 9 to about 2. Had an amazing time. It was well suited for our skill level and he did a good job of personalizing the trip. Pushed our limits without ever feeling unsafe. Would highly recommend this to anyone. Will do it again when we come back to CO. BEAUTIFUL SCENERY!!!
Jared Smyczynski (19.09.2016 23:54)
Had a great ATV tour here, my guide knew a lot about the trails we used and kept a good pace, helped with pictures and pointed out landmarks. Was well worth the money.
Ben Telsey (04.08.2015 04:34)
Rockhound ATV was some-what disapointing. Leading up the trip, communication with them was bit difficult as they were not reliable/quick in replying to emails or answering phone calls, but everything did eventually work out with the reservation. Additonally, when I did speak with them on the phone, they were very aggressive/mean about my questions, they implied that I was rediculous to be asking about riding longer than 4hrs and i quote: "now you listen to me, I'll ride your assess off, dont worry about that". I didn't really know how to respond to their gruff/aggresive tone over the phone, but I was still willing to go with the reservation.

Then came the day of the rides. Overall, we had a great time, but this was almost "in-spite" of Rockhound. The best parts of the day riding were the views and terrian, riding in Pike's Nat'l forest is breath-taking! With regards to our guide, he was VERY VERY slow and when we asked about riding faster on the straight/flat sections, he yelled at us "no going over 20mph!". We didnt ask about riding more aggressively after that, but it was almost painful to be stuck riding behind our guide. All of us knew what we were doing, and within 1hr he should have been able to sense our comfort-levels and ability, and allowed us to ride faster. I felt like we were on a calm sight-seeing trip, not a fun/thrilling ATV ride.

Now, I understand that Rockhound could have incentive to make us go slow the entire time, as the machines could be broken or we could get hurt. But here is why that its a not a good arguement, upon arrival, we had to sign waiver forms stating any injuries we sustained would not be Rockhound's fault. Additonally, we had to give them a $650 (!!!) deposit for any possible damage to the ATVs. This is what really upsets me, i signed a form saying I would have to pay for parts and labor to any damage i created, and i would have to take responsibility for any injuries i sustained...so...I SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO RIDE HOWEVER I WANT!

The most upsetting part of the whole thing was how mis-leading it was. Leading up the trip, the owner, ATV Dave was telling me over the phone "dont worry about it, we will ride your assess off", when i called with the original plan to rent the ATVs for 8hrs, with no guide and ride on our own...so i listened to him, and changed our plans to the 4hr guided-tour, and then when we go there, they made us ride slow, they scolded us for "sling-shotting" to try and make it fun and just overall didnt live up the promise of a fun/thrilling ride.

I wish I hadn't listend to them and just stuck with my instinct on renting the ATVs to ride on our own. Even if you arent familiar with the area, if you got a map and went to Pike's Natl forest on your own, you'd have a lot lot more fun.
Chris Rigdon (19.06.2015 17:18)
Have have rented twice from Rockhoud. Their machines are in good shape and the guide was really good. This time I reserved online, they called and confirmed my reservation on a voicemail. At 3pm the day before my reservation, they called to make sure I knew how to get there, and I found out that they only had one ATV available even though I reserved 4. They didn't offer any compensation, I was just out of luck and scrambling to find another outfit at 3pm the day before our ride with guest visiting from out of town. Beware of online reservations with this group, if you don't have flexibility in your riding date you may want to go with someone else.

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