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Charlie Brown's Goodtime Travel

1465 North Union Boulevard, Colorado Springs
5 novertējumi
+1 719-635-8992

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OJ Daffodil (12.10.2016 02:25)
Worked with Melissa and she was great! She patiently worked within our schedule and give us A++++ customer service! Both the flight and hotel were exactly what we wanted! HIGHLY Recommend this agency, especially Melissa, for all of your travel needs! Cannot wait to book our next trip and we will be doing it with Charlie Brown's Good Time Travel! A Spinal Tap 11!!!!!!
Chris Stark (14.09.2015 20:20)
I have several clients who have spoken highly of this travel firm, and use their tax refunds to purchase a bit of paradise from them in a crazy world. I have never heard a negative word from the many who commented about Charlie Brown's Goodtime Travel. Great neighbors and glad to be in the same building with them, it is an honor, for they have the many years experience to work the magic you and I need!

Stark Tax Services, LLC
Chris W Stark, RTRP, AFSP, PA
1465 N Union Blvd Ste 204
Colorado Springs. CO 80909-2885
Jancina Dyer (28.08.2015 01:11)
Just booked a trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands. The agent was mechanical and rude. She was annoyed that I asked the total before giving her my credit card number. The overall conversation was as if I was an annoyance to her when I thanked her (twice) for her help she just said good-bye after I spent $2000.00 with her company. I am offended that I didn't get a "thank you" back. I won't be using this company in the future.
Chris Mudron (19.02.2015 02:20)
Just went to Hawaii in September and used the agency for a fairly priced room in Honolulu. It was a great, no nonsense hotel right in the middle of the city so I was close to everything. Have used them in the past for several cruises and have always gotten the best room and rates with very professional and polite service. We're going to Alaska next year and this will be the first call we make!
Mariana Wagner (24.11.2012 00:46)
I recently booked a Cancun vacation through Charlie Brown Good Time Travel. I chose to use a travel agency (instead of booking it myself online) because I am not familiar with international travel, nor with planning week-long family vacations.

I’m horribly disappointed with the service that this company provided for my recent trip.

First, I had to plan all of our vacation activities – the travel agent, who kept telling me how much she loved Cancun, gave me little to no input on how we could best spend our vacation time in Mexico.

Second, there was minimal contact from the travel agent or ANYONE in this company between the time I booked the vacation and the time we left. In fact, I had to call your office the day before we were scheduled to leave to see if there was anything I needed, because the ONLY confirmation I had of my vacation was a charge on my debit card, a preliminary print out of the flights and a magazine that showed the hotel amenities. The travel agent told me that I needed all my travel documents and that she had been on vacation and had forgotten to notify me that I had to pick them up. This is completely unprofessional.

Third, our family was NOT prepared for this trip. I believe that one of the agents duties, as a travel agency, is to take the burden of preparation OFF of your customers and make sure that they enjoy the vacations that they have saved up for. We were never told when we should be at the airport. We arrived at DIA just under 2 hours before the flight was scheduled to leave. United Airlines told us that, because we were not there MORE than 2 hours early, they would not let us fly, nor credit our flight toward a later flight. We had purchased the travel insurance so I called United Vacations who told us that if we still wanted to go on our vacation, we would need to fly the next day and pay an additional $4,900 – which is significantly MORE than we paid for the entire vacation.

I did not want to disappoint our family so I took the initiative and went over to the Frontier Airlines counter and paid an additional $1,400 to fly with them to Cancun that day. From there I was notified (from a Frontier employee!!) that United was cancelling our return flights as well. I had to spend the rest of the day convincing United to let us fly home at the end of the week. Dealing with United was a terrible experience and we will never fly with them again.

This ALL could have been avoided if your company and the companies you chose to affiliate with (United Vacations) provided better customer service.

Because of this stressful and expensive experience we will never book our vacations with Charlie Brown Travel, nor will we ever recommend your services to our family, friends or colleagues.

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