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Narghile Nights Hookah Lounge

223 North College Avenue, Fort Collins
5 novertējumi
+1 970-484-2530

Narghile Nights Hookah Lounge uz kartes


Greg M (02.04.2016 00:32)
Cool spot with chill people, the seating is okay. Good tea, fun spot to hang out.
Allex Snyder (14.03.2016 06:29)
The place was cozy.... But the staff was MIA.... If you like smoking ash come to this hookah pad.
Travis Aron (15.07.2015 09:09)
My favorite place to go. Been a regular here for almost 5 years and that will never change. Hands down best hookah bar in fort Collins if not the entirety of northern Colorado.
Ian Sekerak (22.05.2014 18:50)
Absolutely adore Narghile and their friendly staff! I am a frequent and their employees really take the extra step in making sure everyone has an enjoyable smoking experience. Their bowls are very well packed and even power smoking I have a hard time getting through one in an hour! Great combos for flavors and will set you up really well if you do not quite know what you want. Very knowledgeable staff. Also, to avoid wait times at night make sure to call at least 2 hrs in advance to guarantee a seat as they fill up really quickly on prime nights. Overall, compared to the other hookah lounges around, I would much rather spend my time at Narghile because of the friendly atmosphere, comfortable seating, and great hookah!
J Novack (21.04.2014 20:10)

I began my Hookah experience in 2007 going to the Narg. It was amazing back in the day. Now, its just a frail remnant of what it was. Back in the day, the workers were on top of their game, while providing excellent customer service, in a CLEAN environment. Fast forward to 2014, and one has to wait in line while the hostess gabs to their friends, wait a ridiculous amount of time to receive a bowl that only tastes good for about ten minutes! Not to mention the furniture smells like a hobo has been living there for quite some time which makes me wonder how they are cleaning the rest of the place... I was a fan of this place, but it has gone way downhill from its prior glory which is very saddening

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