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Hodi's Half Note

167 North College Avenue, Fort Collins
5 novertējumi
+1 970-472-2034

Hodi's Half Note uz kartes


Chase Velez (06.11.2017 23:45)
Amazing venue, simply one of the best in town! I recommend attending on Tuesday nights
Abraham LaBonte (25.09.2017 05:28)
Awesome music, sweet, exciting crowd, fun place to be! Okay drink selection, crazy community performances. Good place to know for good music in Fort Collins.
Brandon Simpson (22.09.2017 02:02)
Very cool and fun venue! Always have a good time at Hodi's. Especially on Tuesdays. Turnt table Tuesday's is where it's at. If you are in Fort Collins and want to hear some good music, check it out.
Dame Venom (20.09.2017 20:56)
I'm not about supporting establishments that value people so little that they kick females just trying to get their bearings out to the street alone without so much as a water or an offer to call a ride, especially after accepting money for a cover charge.

I can understand the greed-fueled logic of not wanting to deal with people you can't make more money off of, but that's just cold to do to a person who isn't being belligerent or unruly.

Super lame job. A curse on your house.
Karma X (17.07.2017 03:07)
Super awkward layout makes for hardly any room in front of a too small stage. Dark enough that photos of performers on stage don't come out without using flash. Dirty bathrooms. Basically, it's a dive.

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