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Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Restaurant

1051 West Horsetooth Road, Fort Collins
5 novertējumi
+1 970-377-0812

Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Restaurant uz kartes


Candy (30.10.2017 06:34)
I was a Benihana snob until I found this place. I had hibachi ribeye and chicken. Hibachi chicken is usually dry and flavorless. My steak and chicken were juicy and well seasoned. Highly recommended.
Jeremy Stephens (11.10.2017 05:51)
Fantastic show including on-fire egg shells flipped into his hat. Food was quick, fresh and very good. Was a little expensive for quantity. Definitely recommended.
Lucie Arendt (28.09.2017 05:05)
Arrived later in the evening, with no reservations- greeted by pleasant hostess and even though we only had the 2 of us (not a full table of 10), we were seated, served with the full "show" and best of all: the meal was delicious! Highly recommend, great experience!
Tim Bessler (05.09.2017 05:26)
Our chef was quite adept at his craft (both food preparation and entertaining)! We had a couple special requests, all of which were delivered to order, and the waiter was on point ensuring drinks were full and everything was to order. The steak was perfectly tender, and the seafood also delicious.

The sushi chef Ricky is a super cool guy, and skilled at his art as well. He always remembers that I can't have avocado. The owner also remembers me when I come in and personally greets me; he's got a good sense of humor.

This was my niece's first time at this type of restaurant, and she had a good time and enjoyed the food. My family went there for my birthday today, and while they didn't do the whole song and dance routine (on account of being short-handed), I am sitting at home with a happy tummy writing this review. $2 sake before 6pm, as well!
Google User (20.08.2017 04:45)
Horrible. Absolutely terrible. Amongst the chef cussing, drinking, and spilling drinks on us- filthy restrooms, and unclean, classless atmosphere. In a word-Trashy. Do not waste your money here. Anyone leaving a good review has simply been sprayed in the face with sake enough to extraordinarily distort reality.

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