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Fusion Nightclub

351 Linden Street #140, Fort Collins
5 novertējumi
+1 303-249-1263

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Shawn Summa (21.10.2017 21:13)
Was a great bar with dueling pianos on Thursdays. I'm sad to see it's now closed. Looking through the reviews, possible management issues.
Chris Matier (27.05.2017 03:00)
When the crowd has energy and is pretty large this place is a blast. If the Crowds Are small, it's hard to have a good time.
Angelina Cruz (11.03.2017 03:36)
Absolutely horrific!
1st time being there: I asked the guy(boy) bartender what he would suggest to order and he suggested a margarita. He spilled it everywhere the first time and then almost the second time and then when I finally got it, it was the worst margarita I have ever had. (Which you think since it was the drink he suggested it he would be able to make it)
2nd time: took my boyfriend and friend and the "owner" hung out with us the whole time. He seemed super nice and awesome and he even offered to buy me a shot and later on all three of us a shot. At the end of the night when we went to go pay the bill we found out he put all of the shots on us. Not to mention he was absolutely rude once he found my boyfriend was my boyfriend. Oh and let's not forget how hammered he was(incredibly unprofessional for someone who is suppose to be in charge of a place).
All that's good about this place is how it looks. I will never be returning and I am constantly warning people not to go.
Cori Andrews (09.03.2017 22:36)
Such a nice place to come hang out very clean, feel safe while having fun. The bartenders are amazing!!!! They make you feel welcome you can get there early and just hang and chill with friends or later into the night have fun, Molly the bartender is sooooo kind and helpful made the night so much fun
airmikec1 (04.02.2017 07:36)
The customer service is great. Beyond that this place sucks. We got there at 9pm on a Saturday and we were the very first people to show up for the better part of the next hour that we were there. The bartenders were nice, smart,attractive in an older woman kind of way, the pricing was fair I guess. The bouncer was respectful when my friend had to much to drink. He didn't make it so I had to get involved, so that was nice. But it was dead the entire time. When we left around 10:45pm there were 12 people in a massive building. Maybe it was just a weird night or something, but I wasn't impressed. Especially not when it's my first visit.

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