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Bondi Beach Bar and Grill

11 Old Town Square, Fort Collins
5 novertējumi
+1 970-224-4100

Bondi Beach Bar and Grill uz kartes


Ben H (18.10.2017 23:00)
This place is dead during the day and then transforms into a college bar at night. I was not impressed by the food. Good location, but if you're over 25 this place does not have much appeal.
Shelby (08.09.2017 10:21)
Cheap drinks and great atmosphere! Had an incident recently where an older man was groping and slapping girls on the ass. Some of my friends were subjected to that but bondi was quick to spread the word, take action and kick him out which I respect so much. This is a bar who cares! Recommend to everyone
Kendra Lamperes (02.09.2017 05:23)
Best patio location to listen to music downtown while enjoying delicious aligator or mahi tacos!
Kyle Neuroth (12.08.2017 11:49)
Racist bouncer said I punched a bouncer a month ago all because this MF to dumb to tell 2 people of Oriental decent apart or he just doesn't like me cuz I'm yellow 2nd time this exact same dude made up some straight BS just so he could not let me in. Screw that dude he can suck a fart out his momma's ass hole.
Also the drinks are trash...
HBK970 (07.04.2017 13:08)
I waited in line Thursday April 6th (from 10:40p.m. to 11:30)for approximately 40 minutes just to be refused entrance by some bouncer (he had a beard) because I told him I don't drink alcohol, he said only people that drink were allowed because it would hurt their sales! I was going to buy soda and tip the bartenders generously, I wasn't planning on hanging out for free, I am so upset over this... Wow, all because I don't drink alcohol? Been sober for two years now, and I have to drink to be allowed in? What are designated drivers supposed to do? Just wait outside? That kind of promotes drinking and driving in a way, but, I guess it's all about money for this place! That's messed up! I was warmly welcomed and greeted at: Tony's, Drunken Monkey and Rec Room following this upsetting experience, I even told me about what had happened and they were just as shocked and appalled as I was and thought that was absurd just as I did! I just wanted to go out and have fun and celebrate my two year mark of sobriety (this month marks two years since I last had a drink), but, ya... I suppose this is how they run their business, good for them.

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