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Ace Gillett's Lounge

239 South College Avenue, Fort Collins
5 novertējumi
+1 970-449-4797

Ace Gillett's Lounge uz kartes


Wendy Hatlestad (04.11.2017 06:03)
Came here with a large group and only part of our group was allowed to be seated. The host help several members of our party at the door, claiming they were at capacity. The bar was not crowded and there were ample empty seats.
T.W. Winston (07.09.2017 20:52)
Great food and drinks. The music is on another level if you like jazz. There is not another place in the fort to see the caliber of musicians for FREE!
Tsukiko Brown (05.08.2017 09:13)
Cool underground restaurant with live music. My friend and I had a great time.
The hummus and cheese fries were both good. Our server was great as well.
SmilingMom To3 (23.07.2017 19:48)
Our entire party had a wonderful time! It was louder than expected, but we were fortunate to be near the door. Our server, Samantha G, was terrific and added to a great experience! The food was delicious and we'll be back for sure.
Kim S (13.03.2017 16:09)
This was our premier destination for my birthday celebration -- the service was amazing, the food and cocktails were wonderful, but the entire experience was disappointing because of the noise level. Where we were sitting (in the dining room), not only could we not hear the music, we couldn't hear each other well enough to have any conversation. After yelling at each other for about 2 hours, we decided to leave and go elsewhere.
Additional disappointment: right after being seated, the hostess spilled a glass of water in my friend's lap, and made no amends. I was a little embarrassed at that point to have chosen to invite my guests to this place. Thankfully our server was awesome and we didn't dwell on the hostess' poor treatment of my friend.
Bottom line: Although the food was incredible and the service was wonderful, I probably will not be hosting future parties here. I might try sitting at the bar to enjoy a drink (the cocktails are delicious!) and to see if the atmosphere on that side of the establishment is any better.

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