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DeBarge Winery

1617 Rossville Avenue, Chattanooga
5 novertējumi
+1 423-710-8426

DeBarge Winery uz kartes


Chris Wang (07.02.2017 01:11)
Good local north GA vineyard selection, only place in the city you can buy wine on sundays.
Sarah Smith (17.12.2016 14:59)
Hosted an event here and everyone had a great time. Located close to all the cool places on the southside, so the after parties can continue.
Cody Callahan (11.12.2016 21:54)
The guy who poured our flights was very helpful to us as tourists and gave us dinner recommendations. I'm not a wine person myself, but my gf is. Still, I found a couple in the tasting I actually liked. My only complaint is that the place has no seating in the main area. There was a room in back, but I wasn't sure if it was for the public.
Joshua Seay (25.07.2016 02:02)
Had an amazing tasting here today! Doesn't have the normal pizzaz expected, but they made up for it with the quality of wines. Would definitely recommend the visit, I'll sure be returning!
Dora Robertson (19.04.2015 02:39)
I had a great experience here today, as did my boyfriend. Staff was very helpful, especially to those who may not be in the know when it comes to wine tasting. The lady at the front counter let us sample several blends, and gave us good pointers on what to pair each bland with and how to properly store them. I left with the mead and the labyrinth blend. Both are fantastic. I will definitely recommend this place to anybody looking for good locally-sourced wines.

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