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Chili's Grill & Bar

408 Market Street, Chattanooga
5 novertējumi
+1 423-265-1511

Chili's Grill & Bar uz kartes


Rosemary Batsche (13.11.2017 05:52)
Great service, salad , soup and chips. Food was delicious, nicest waitress.
Erinn Campbell (03.11.2017 19:50)
Wasn't so great. I work right around the corner, decided to treat myself to lunch out since it was Friday. I ordered online...great website and painless order experience, hence my two stars. My pick up? Not so thrilled. The pick up area is a dank little backdoor entrance...kind of sketchy looking, and the people in the kitchen looked at me like I was sketchy. I waited. All of them had looked at me at some point, but no one even said hello. They all tried not to notice I was there, and no one offered to help. Finally a girl came from the dining room and asked if anyone had helped me. I said no. She hastily gave me my food...but no drink that I ordered. So I turned around to get it. Now I'm enjoying my lunch and trying to just chock it up to food service workers being food service workers for a reason when suddenly I taste this concentrated blackberry syrup in my tea. SHE WAS IN SUCH A HURRY SHE BARELY MIXED IT!!! Well I won't be back. Plenty of better places to get lunch around here. Try somewhere else, because you literally have dozens upon dozens of options.
SeanBean Im (16.10.2017 20:00)
Food was good. Service was good. However, I found a bug in my cocktail. I already paid for the check so I told her that a gift certificate was fine. The manager comes by and said these things happen often and that he just rang up the check again. I still ended up paying for the drink. The manager came out with a gift card in his hand but didn't give it to me once he realized we weren't locals. Disappointing for such a restaurant.
Melissa Dean (23.09.2017 14:26)
Service wasn't very good and part of our order was forgotten. Our food wasn't what we're used to at Chili's either. Chips were dark brown and those are my favorite part.
L carter (21.06.2017 16:58)
Average lunch experience with a longer than average lunch wait. We went here around 12:30 pm and upon ordering it took at least 30 minutes for the food to arrive. If I was on an actual lunch break I dont think i could've made it under and hour considering commute and time eating. Wife did order steak well done which could've have been the reason why the wait was longer but not sure. Server was really good and attentive to our needs. Again overall average experience.

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