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3rd Deck Burger Bar

201 Riverfront Parkway, Chattanooga
5 novertējumi
+1 423-266-4488

3rd Deck Burger Bar uz kartes


Maria Miller (31.10.2017 23:48)
We stopped in to check everything out. Aaron is a super friendly bar tender! We'd recommend this as a great place for couples looking for an option for date night! The staff here is all incredible! They're talking to us as if they've known us lifetime! 😊😊😊😊
Monica Roberts (30.10.2017 00:46)
I love this place. I got a chance to meet Aaron who works at the bar he was really awsome and showed excellent customer service. Can't wait to come back.

Monica R.
From Atlanta
Sarah Casey (01.10.2017 01:46)
Aaron is one of our favorite bartenders in Chattanooga! He's extremely attentive and absolutely wonderful. One of the many reasons we come back time and time again. Amanda is pretty awesome too!
B. Weeks (20.09.2017 06:02)
The most amazing burgers! Great vibe. If you can get to Chattanooga, do yourself a favor and visit this place. 3rd Deck means it's aboard a paddlewheel ship. You simply cannot go wrong!
Kristy Snider (25.08.2017 00:07)
Our company had a cruise catered by 3rd Deck Burger Bar and it was delicious. We had a taco bar. The food was kept at an appropriate temperature, there were enough serving utensils for each item, and the area was clean and tidy. We had a friendly staff who made sure we enjoyed our food. I will definitely return.

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