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Following the last dragon's footsteps (Armenia)


Duration: 8 days/7 nights
COST - NOW only 969 € FOR 1 PERSON

During this trip you will climb up to the top of the volcano and will admire the wonderful lake located in the very heart of it, you will see a magnificent view of the mountains Adzhalak, Atis, Ara and Aragats located practically in one line! After passing through the winding trails that will accompany you during all tour, you will learn about the most mysterious creatures that inhabit the land of Armenia. Experienced guide will tell you the most exciting and scary legends about them and about the territory which they inhabit.

We can combine this tour with one or more of our other tours. Our manager and staff are here to help and assist you, and will be happy to do this.

Cena: 969
E-pasts: maria.yakushevskaya@artecotour.com
Tālrunis: +380443604616 +33631812689
Skype: maria.yakushevskaya.epap

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