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Military History in Slovakia


Slovakia is a small land located in the East-Central Europe, in the region where the Danube River meets the Carpathians. The Carpathian mountain range strongly dominates character of the land and served in the past as a stage for many important Military operations. The Romans, Tatars, Hussites, Ottomans passed through the territory of Slovakia. Several anti-Habsburg uprisings of the Hungarian nobility, Austrian-Prussian battles and finally the Carpathian front in 1915 reached Slovakia. in 1944, one of largest anti-German Military uprisings had been organized in the mountains of Slovakia. The Dukla Pass witnessed one of fiercest battles between the Wehrmacht and the Soviet Army and is known until these days as the Valley of Death, where ten thousands soldiers were fallen… Come to Slovakia: see the beautiful landscape with majestic mountains and proud castles, and remember the heroes of the past.

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