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Batu Caves, Red-Back Sea Eagles Feeding with Boat Ride, Silver Leaf Monkeys, Firefly Tour (KL, Kuala Selangor) Malaysia Tour Packages

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Batu Caves, Red-Back Sea Eagles Feeding with Boat Ride, Silver Leaf Monkeys, Firefly Tour (KL, Kuala Selangor) Malaysia Tour Packages

Batu Caves - A trip to the eastern suburbs of the city to observe the local way of life and traditional cottage industries. Make a short stop at the Royal Selangor Pewter factory and proceed towards the Batu Caves, a huge limestone outcrop housing an elaborate Hindu temple. The Caves are a popular place of worship for Hindus and each year, during their auspicious celebration of Thaipusam, hundreds of thousands of Hindus throng the temple. Itinerary: Jalan Ampang, Embassy Row, Royal Selangor Pewter Factory, Batu Caves and Beryl\'s Chocolate Boutique

Eagle Feeding at Kuala Selangor with Boat Ride –Enjoy a Boat Ride (Selangor River Mouth) for the newly explored Wild-Eagle-Feeding Tour. Enjoy the thrill when the Eagles approach your Boat up close when the boatman is Feeding them. Basically there are 3 species of Eagles in Kuala Selangor. However, Brahminy Kite (also known as the Red-Backed Sea Eagle) is the most common follow by the Crested Serpent Eagle. The most rare will be the Well – Bellied Sea Eagle

Firefly Tour - Proceed to Kuala Selangor town in the quiet hamlet of Kampung Kuantan, which is known as one of the largest Firefly colonies in the world. On arrival at Kuala Selangor, visit \'Kota Melawati\' formerly known as \'Fort Altingsburg\', its colonial buildings, silvered-leaf Monkeys, butterflies and etc. To make this experience a memorable and unforgettable one, enjoy local Set Seafood Dinner and Boat Ride.

Fireflies - are also called “Lightning Bugs” and they belong to the nocturnal luminous beetle family Lampyridae. Within quiet and serene surroundings, these fireflies live very happily in the “Berembang” trees and shine like fire in the night to attract a mate. Come on down and enjoy the “Malaysian Version of Xmas”!

Silver-Leafed Monkeys - and long-tailed macaques are the main draw to the Melawati Hill. The significant difference between the silver-leafed babies as compared to the adults is that these babies have golden fur while the adults have dull grey colours. These Monkeys are a delight; they are gentle and playful. The long-tailed macaques, on the other hand, are generally a little more mischievous and if you turn your Back for a second - you\'d never know what they might do. A gentle reminder to exercise precautions with these lovely and wild animals, which can be quite erratic at times despite having so much human interaction.

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