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Tourism Galway, the largest county in Connaught, is celebrated in song and story throughout the world and takes centre stage on Ireland’s western seaboard. A spectacularly beautiful county, it is a medley of contrasts - the wildest and remotest of countryside teamed with one of Europe’s most vibrant and popular cities. Drawn as if by a magnet, visitors come again and again, captivated by this most special of Irish counties.
Cultura Galway is a city of creativity.
Professional, community and amateur arts flourish; the citizens' engagement in the creative process is actively supported by the City Council, which recognises the arts as a valuable component of city life.
Climate Ireland has a temperate maritime climate. The climate is modified by the relatively warm North Atlantic Current which keeps Irish winters mild (with only few days of the year below freezing point).
The weather is very changeable and unpredictable. Be prepared for plenty of rain, but also expect some warm spells during the summer months.

Galveja, Īrija

Sestdiena 28, Marts
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Īrija, Galveja