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Roma Parvaz Tour & Travel

No.3061, North Vali-Asr St, Unit#07 Tehran, Tehran, Iran
 +98-21 22734913, +989902600619(Whatapp, Telegram)
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Roma Parvaz Tour & Travel

Charming Iran Cultural Tour in 13 Days!!!!

Roma Parvaz Tour & Travel

“Iran Classical Tour” has been planned as a two-week tour to suit everyone who would like to learn about Iranian culture, history and architecture in a couple of weeks. You will also travel to the most famous cities that have played key roles in the formation of Iran’s history and culture. During this period, you will explore the wealth of ancient Iran and modern today.

Cena: € 1500
E-pasts: info@romaparvaz.com
Tālrunis: +98-21 22734913, +989902600619(Whatapp, Telegram)
Skype: Roma Parvaz

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