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Tourism Our driver with his vehicle will be waiting at the exact spot that you have arranged according to the scheduled time of your appointment.
Our tour begins from the most famous round about (square) of Athens, Syndagma square (constitution square). There you will see some of the city’s most prestigious hotels facing the imposing Greek parliament.
Following we will proceed via Philellinon street towards the historical site of Hadrian’s Arch which during the Roman Empire separated the city of Athens into two sectors: Eastern Roman Athens & Western Greek Athens.
Precisely behind Hadrian’s Arch located is the historical temple of Olympian Zeus. Up until today we can still find 15 columns, which you can visit up closely after a short stop. We then head towards the Kalimarmaro Stadium where the first Olympic Games were held in 1896. We shall have a short stop for photographs and admire the architecture.
Cultura As a city state, the coastal capital of Athens reached its heyday in the fifth century BC. The office of the statesman, Pericles, between 461BC and his death in 429BC, saw an unprecedented spate of construction resulting in many of the great classical buildings (the Parthenon, Erechtheion, Hephaisteion and the temple at Sounion) now regarded as icons of Ancient Greece.
Physical evidence of the city's success was matched by achievements in the intellectual arts. Democracy was born, drama flourished and Socrates conceived the foundations of Western philosophy.
Remarkably, although the cultural legacy of this period has influenced Western civilisation ever since, the classical age in Athens only lasted for five decades. Under the Macedonians and Romans, the city retained a privileged cultural and political position but became a prestigious backwater of the Empire rather than a major player.
Five centuries of Roman rule preceded the Byzantine period, which in turn was followed by four centuries of Turkish domination, as of 1456, which has left an indelible cultural mark on the city. By the end of the 18th century, Athens was also suffering the indignity of having the artistic achievements of its classical past removed by looting collectors.
Modern Athens was born in 1834, when the city was restored as the capital of a newly independent Greece. Greek refugees flooded the city at the end of the Greek-Turkish war, swelling the population.
After WWII, American money funded a massive expansion and industrialisation programme. The rapid growth of the post-war years and the high temperatures of its Mediterranean climate have created a city that can often be polluted and could be described as an urban sprawl
Sights There are many who say Athens is worth a visit of just a couple of days and then continue on to the Greek islands, you need a day to see the Acropolis and the Parthenon , another day or two to see the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Furthermore, during the summer season the Athens festival is held at the Theater of Herodes Atticus under the rock of Acropolis and is the best chance to see on stage an ancient Greek drama. . During the Athens Festival there are many of world famous artists who perform at the ancient theater. It is an amazing experience on a warm Athens night to watch any display on that great Amphitheater . Next to the Parliament the National Garden and the Zappeion are places of interest a green oasis in the middle of the big city, walking through Zappeion you arrive opposite the Panathinaikon Stadium where the first modern Olympics took place in 1896. A few metres away towards Acropolis you have the monuments of the ancient temple of Olympic Zeus and the Adrianos Gate, at this point starts the Adrianou street which takes you through Plaka all the way down to Monastiraki with its flea market and Thission. At the end of Andrianou street is the Ancient Agora and the Attalos stoa museum. Most of its exhibits are connected with the Athenian Democracy and this is the reason that the ceremony of the entrance in the European Union of the 10 new member countries at the spring of 2003 took place at the Attalos Stoa. Walking up the Agora you get to the peripheral road under the Acropolis walls. Another easy way to go up to Acropolis is taking the Dioskouron street parallel to the Agora and after a few steps you get there. From this direction before you get to the main entrance is the rock of Arios Pagos the place where the Apostle Paul spoke to the Athenians, his speech is carved on a metal plate on the rock, it is worth climbing up the rock, the view of Athens and Piraeus especially during a full moon night is amazing but you should not wear high heeled shoes because the steps are uneven and slippery.
Shopping Downtown Athens is a shoppers paradise. Besides the areas of the Plaka and Monastiraki which are well known to travelers for their large variety of tourist shops all of central Athens is a shopper's Mecca. Streets that were once choked with traffic have now been closed to all motor vehicles and this diverse shopping area has become a walking shoppers paradise with every kind of shop you can imagine, and some you never imagined existed. There are street merchants selling everything from scarves to devices that make stuffed grape leaves or hollow out a zucchini. The clothing shops have quality men and women's apparel from all over the world and the shoe stores make you wonder why your choices at home are so limited. Check out Spiliopoulos towards the bottom of Ermou where I buy my shoes. It is like a shoe-free-for-all that can be like the NY Stock Exchange during a buying frenzy. If you go to the end of Ermou and turn right on Athinas Street there are a number of clothing shops where you can find more casual stuff, jeans, T-shirts and these wild Polynesian shirts that I am not allowed to get because they make me look like I weigh 300 pounds (according to my wife). Speaking of weight there is a clothes shop on Athinas street between Ermou and Agia Erinis with clothes for big people. Really big people. On the same street you can buy cool souvenir shirts, not like the ones they sell in the flea market or the Plaka. The kind that even Greeks buy. Soccer jerseys of local teams and heroes, Greek police and military shirts and even American sports team shirts that were obviously made by someone who did not know anything about the sport and barely spoke English. (I am still upset that I did not buy the Daryl Blackberry baseball shirt I saw a few years ago. What was I thinking?) Other examples are sweatshirts of well-known colleges and universities with mis-spelled words including Unavercity.
Souvenir A wide variety of items, from throughout Greece can be purchased in the centre of Athens to take back home as souvenir. For leather items such as bags, jackets, and sandals, you can find good value for money and good quality anywhere in centre of Athens. For the lovers of gold and silver, the variety is impressive. You can choose from originally designed jewellery based on ancient or modern patterns, or exquisite copies of gold and silver jewellery.

Atēnas, Grieķija

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Atēnas (; sengrieķu: Ἀθῆναι) ir Grieķijas galvaspilsēta un valsts lielākā pilsēta. Viena no slavenākajām un tūristu apmeklētākajām pilsētām pasaulē. Tiek uzskatīta par Rietumu civilizācijas un demokrātijas šūpuli. Īpašs kultūras uzplaukums, kura nozīme rietumu kultūrā nav pārvērtējama, Atēnās bija 5. un 6. gadsimtā pirms mūsu ēras, kad Atēnās tika uzceltas vairums klasisko celtņu un darbojās Akadēmija. Tajā laikā Atēnās darbojās filozofi Sokrāts, Platons un Aristotelis, dramaturgi Aishils, Aristofāns, Eiripīds un Sofokls, vēsturnieks Hērodots, tēlnieks Feidijs un citi.

Atēnu ievērojamākā vieta ir Akropole ar Partenona templi tajā.

Atēnās ir notikušas divas Vasaras Olimpiskās spēles: 1896. un 2004. gadā. 2006. gadā šeit notika 2006. gada Eirovīzijas dziesmu konkurss.
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