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Sights To see La Habana Vieja and its many colonial palaces and baroque churches at their best, plan to tour on foot. Although you could spend days here, you can easily see the highlights of Old Havana in two days. Make the fortresses across the bay a side trip from La Habana Vieja, and save the sights farther east, as well as the Playas del Este, for another day. Centro Habana also has many historic sights, and it is here that you will truly see the sprawling everyday life of Cubans. The Capitolio, Chinatown, and Parque Central are must-sees for tourists, but a stroll in the southern reaches of Centro Habana and its dusty streets are an eye opener. A tour of Centro Habana can begin and end at the Hotel Inglaterra and Parque Central. El Malecón, from La Punta all the way to La Chorrera fortress at the mouth of Río Almendares (Almendares River), is an important part of Havana life and a good hour's hike.
Tourism The name Havana often elicits memories of Spanish conquistadors, revolutionary heroes, along with Ernst Hemingway. Settled for over 400 years this seaside Caribbean city is rich in history, architecture, and culture. Havana boasts wide avenues and ancient forts, along with spectacular churches devoted to religions unique to Cuba.
Cultura HAVANA (Habana) and CUBA as a country is a special place with so much to offer culturally and physically. The people of Cuba are a warm people who take pride in their love of music and dance and can proudly boast for example for creating salsa.
Their fascinating and delightful culture is one which to an extent has been closed over the years but is attracting more attention year by year.
Tourism numbers to Cuba are gradually increasing although restrictions do still limit the visitor numbers. One day the island of Cuba is likely to be an extremely popular location for travelers with a passion for strong culture. VIEW our images of Cuba now online!!!

Havana, Kuba

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Havanna ir Kubas Republikas galvaspilsēta, un, ar 2, 1 miljonu iedzīvotāju, vislielākā pilsēta Karību jūrā.

Sākotnēji tā bija tikai osta, bet 1607. gadā tā kļuva par Spānijas Kubas kolonijas galvaspilsētu, un par galveno Spānijas ostu Jaunajā Pasaulē.
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Kuba, Havana