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ZORAN - HIT d.o.o

Vacation without worry or stress, sightseeing of numerous cities and places of natural and cultural beauties, relaxing in fool sense of the word and proportion between price and quality are just some of the many reasons to visit Greece.

In Greece everybody can find perfect place for holiday – families with children, young people seeking for exciting night life, active people looking for beautiful outdoors, as well as those interested in antic history.

Zoran-HIT is offering programs with tours on the most attractive locations on Peloponnese and continental Greece. If cruising is Your kind of vacation, we can provide cruising program on Greek islands and Turkey.

Country between two Mediterranean seas, Greece is entitled to be named as 'country with thousand islands', and out of 227 inhabitated, 78 have more than hundred habitants. Each Greek island is unique, preserving tradition, culture and history that is everywhere in Greece deeply connected with modern life.

Some islands are calm and quiet, some are wild, they offer beautiful beaches, great archaeological sites, and everywhere in Greece You can expect friendly hosts and gastronomic specialties. We can also provide programs in agritourism interesting for more and more tourists because it offers more opportunities for real vacation and relaxation from crowded beaches, and mountain tourism that includes visiting caves. All You have to do is to choose and enjoy!

E-pasts: hit.zoran@gmail.com
Tālrunis: +385 99 2524 092

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