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Big Rig Kitchen and Brewery

1980 Ogilvie Road #115, Ottawa
5 novertējumi
+1 613-552-3336

Big Rig Kitchen and Brewery uz kartes


Stan Kozniewski (29.09.2017 02:09)
The only thing good about the place was the waitress, ordered the regular pizza, tasted bland, pepperoni is really salty, the sausage was like pizza pizza sausage. Pop was flatter then flat. Overpaid for that pizza for sure and won't be coming back.
Cynthia Walker (13.08.2017 06:09)
Went with my family for my birthday. First time there. Food was all good. Service very slow. Waited over a half hour for our drinks to be served after ordering. No water was offered. Price too high. Meatloaf $22.50.
Mikey Noynay (09.08.2017 18:02)
I had breakfast here on a Sunday morning around 10 am and they had lots of seating area.

I ordered a Eggs Benny and it was just alright and tasted bland - I added some hot sauce and pepper to try and save it. The hash browns were way too oily and soft where I prefer them to be crispy. My SO ordered a regular breakfast which wasn't to spectacular either.

Service was alright although the guy wasn't too frequent around us. When we waved him down for extra coffee it felt as though it was a chore around him. The restaurant itself was nice and clean but I don't think I'll ever come back here.

[Edit] - Ate here for dinner and was definitely a better experience.
Jess Vogt (24.07.2017 03:30)
We ordered delivery from Skip the Dishes- 2 lbs of wings. I'd guess the lbs were a bit short- they were very small portions for 30$ of wings. The wings were decent, a bit dry though. The thing that bugs me most is the menu said it came with sour cream which we both wanted, and when I saw the Melinda's sauce I was sold- it's my favorite hot sauce and hard to find lately. The sour cream was not sour cream but some strange dip neither of us liked, and the wings had some strange mix of Sriracha and death sauce. It was not pleasant tasting and not at all the Melinda's I expected. I would have rather had a call from the restaurant offering me a different sauce for the wings and letting me know they didn't have sour cream instead of inventing some strange concoction that wasn't what I ordered. To be fair I really don't like Sriracha too. It's the first time I've tried Big Rig and really wanted to like this place.
P Vasq (22.05.2017 18:41)
We were unimpressed by this conglomerate. We felt the food was "highly overpriced" for what it was (which was just average) and the hosting/seating service was really horrible. We were first offered to be seated at a high chair ...which we both felt the notion of a high chair felt obsurd. The idea that they'd offer us this felt insulting because it suggests that they thought of us as toddlers. We came there for dinner not for a brunch after a game and we weren't dressed down in any way 🙄 We chalked that up to poor hosting.
We waited 30min for a table and though our server was prompt and friendly, the food options lacked imagination and really wasn't all that abundant or tasty as some reviewers claimed it to be. Frankly it just is not worth the visit again.
Afterthought: you can really tell that there are many inexperienced diners by the praises they give for this conglomerates food. I highly doubt that a chef works in their kitchen.

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