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317 Bank Street, Ottawa
5 novertējumi
+1 613-594-0003

Babylon uz kartes


Jason Warner (28.09.2017 14:54)
Great concert with new friends.
Elizabeth Sauve (27.05.2017 15:27)
Downhill - service is very poor at the bar - the bartenders can't manage the number of guests and seem like chickens with their heads cut off. Bathroom needs repairs. I used to go to Shameless and the end of the month - they stopped playing the music they were famous for and started playing current top 40. Not cool when you are expecting 'shameless' music.
Tyler Rowsell (12.04.2017 15:19)
I've been here a few times everyone says it is a super awesome club, but my nights have been mediocre there. Large dance floor and cool party themes.
robyn lewis (02.03.2017 20:25)
The DJ was incredibly rude to my friend during her bachelorette party. We had given her challenges to do over the evening and one was to request the DJ play a song. The DJ refused, even though the request came early in the evening when the club was practically empty. Seems like rudely refusing to play one song, for a bachelorette party, is a pretty good way to send a group of women intent on spending a great deal of money straight to another, more friendly, establishment.

Shout out to the bouncers though, they were super lovely.
Aleksandar Lukic (18.11.2016 18:55)
been coming here for many years now. babylon = fun. bouncers are respectful and friendly. just don't be a jackass, this is not a place for that. when it's busy, you may have to wait for your drink for 10-15 min. it's what happens everywhere. deal with that. or get more drinks on your order so you don't have to wait :)

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