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540 Rochester Street, Ottawa
5 novertējumi
+1 613-321-3537

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Kevin Robinson (25.10.2017 15:38)
Amazing food and atmosphere. The staff were great, can't wait to go back.
Stéphane Vénéra (08.10.2017 04:42)
We were on the second floor. We were frozen. Yes it is visually beautiful but i didn't like the plates. I love food, i love to cook, i love all
kind of food but this was so complex that is was simply not tasty or simply not good. A lot of raw food, raw fishes, raw sea food. Sorry but never never again.
David Birch (05.10.2017 14:28)
The 12 courses were a wonderful ride. For the quality of food and service the price point is more than reasonable
James S (09.09.2017 06:02)
An absolutely amazing experience. A truly unique experience in flavors and textures, I highly recommend the Somellier's pairings for the meal, the combination of flavour and synergy of the meal makes for a most memorable evening. A Must Do for Ottawa.
mary caird (28.08.2017 18:28)
Amazing!!!I have now had the great pleasure of enjoying the service, food and wine pairing at this surprisingly hidden establishment on two occasions. Both menus made for a wonderful and unique intriguing and delightful dining experience. Don't hesitate to guarantee your table with a credit card. Especially loved the microgreens in a Babylonian hanging garden/birds nest theme. The tomb stone desert served up with black humour presented as "death by chocolate" although no one utter the cliche for it to be evident. Not sure why this place isn't internationally acclaimed yet. Let this be our secret.

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