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Cultural-Historical, 14 days, 2755 km

Violettarmenia tour

To reach the most remote and embrace the most fascinating corners of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) is possible only by choosing the cultural-historical tour «Golden Ring of Armenia». And then it will be possible to discover such amazing places as the monasteries of Akhtala and Kobayr with their beautiful frescos, to climb the guard towers of the fortress of Amberd and touch the eternity at the fortress walls of Lori Berd. Three days are dedicated to Nagorno-Karabakh to explore its amazing nature, monasteries and of course Jermajur hot springs. Guests will spend the first and the last three overnights in Yerevan thus having more free time to walk in the city, enjoy the evenings in cafes and restaurants.

Cena: 1200
E-pasts: contact@violettarmenia.com
Tālrunis: +374-95252588

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